Jim’s Resurfacing, The Process

Question: So what’s involved in resurfacing and why is it so popular?

Answer: Resurfacing is so popular because it provides a 5 star result at about 1 third the cost. As to what’s involved let us take you through the resurfacing process.

The Resurfacing Process


Jim’s Resurfacing technicians use multiple specialised pre-cleaners to ensure the surface is free from contamination and perfectly prepared for Resurfacing


All blemishes, chips, deep scratches, and chalky surfaces are repaired with a high strength metallic filler to ensure the repairs integrity. All rust is ground, de-oxidised and repaired.


Masking is applied around the item/s to be resurfaced. The greater room is also protected to ensure its cleanliness. This protection combined with specialised extraction devices not only protects the room but helps to minimise any air born dust resting on the sprayed coating.


Our multipart primer is an extremely strong bonding agent that actually bonds in to the glazed surface ensuring unparalleled adhesion of our resurfacing product.


The resurfacing coating is applied with specialised spray equipment. Our trained operators will carefully apply multiple layers. This slowly builds up the coating to the desired thickness to ensure a durable long lasting result.

The Jim's Difference

From this point the process used by Jim’s Resurfacing differs from almost all other operators. Many will get to this point and consider the job completed, charge the customer and leave. If they need to return, they will charge extra.

Jim’s Resurfacing considers this to be only half a job. That is why every process above and below this point is included in the quoted price for your resurfacing.


Specialised lamps are then placed over the resurfaced item to assist and hasten the drying time of the coating. Our coating will dry naturally to full strength overnight, however by using these lamps we can speed this process up to just a couple of hours. This allows us to complete your job in one day.


The item is now dry. Our operators will lightly sand the surface of the item to remove small dust particles that entered the surface during the spraying process. The item is then polished to restore its lustre. A bathroom is not a professional spray booth, so while all care is taken to minimise dust, the polishing of the bath helps to ensure the best quality result in the industry.
The polishing process also breaks the surface tension of the sprayed finish, resulting in the item being no more slippery than a new item.

New Waste Insert

This is for baths with a full sized waste outlet. The outlet can degrade over time the same as the original bath did. Now that the bath looks brand new again, our operator will install a new chrome waste insert. This makes it look as though the waste has been replaced, but without having to access or deal with any plumbing issues.

Clean up and Silicone

Our skilled operator will then remove all the masking from your bathroom and install fresh silicone around your item. We offer this service as standard.

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